Parents Questions & Answers.

Q: Why did my child receive an invitation?

A: Nominations for cotillion are received from many sources. Parent Enthusiasts provide names from the schools they represent. Names are also received from parents of former students. Siblings of former students receive invitations. Parents who have heard about the program and are interested in receiving an invitation for their child can self-nominate by contacting

Q: Will my child be in the same classes with his/her friend?

A: Students are placed in classes together by school and grade. Your child will be placed in a class with students from their school or from the school parents designate on the registration card. If you prefer that your child is placed in a specific group, please let us know.

Q: How can I get an invitation for a friend who wants to attend?

A: This cotillion is open to anyone who is interested in this type of training for their children. We will be happy to send additional invitations or refer them to this website for class and registration information. To have an invitation mailed to your home, please email with your child’s name, address with zip code, school attending and grade in the 2014-2015 school year.

Q: Attendance ?

Regular attendance is a requirement. Each lesson is a follow-up of the proceeding lesson and is a foundation for the nextlesson. When a student is absent, another student does not have a partner. To be excused for illness or emergencies, it is necessary for the student to call 636-283-0304.

Q: Missed Class ?

Should a class be missed, there may be a option of attending the same class at our other country club location if that class has not already been taught for the month.  Arrival and Departure: To insure that every session begins promptly, we ask that students arrive 10 minutes early for instruction and sign-in. Prompt pick-up is necessary as there is more than one class scheduled on each class date.

Q: Handbooks ?

Each student will receive a detailed handbook with pictures of each month’s lessons. This is a wonderful reference for the future as well as it alerts parents what was taught and provides help for those missed classes. Students are asked to bring the handbook to each class. A lost book will be replaced for a charge of $10.00.

Q: Dress Code ?

Parents will receive a notice if a student is dressed inappropriately. A student may be sent home for inappropriate dress.

Q: Ladies Class ?

Class: Hemlines for dresses or skirts need to be at or below the knee. Students sit in a circle, therefore the longer the length of the skirt/dress the better. No spaghetti or halter tops are accepted unless covered with a shrug or cardigan during the entire class. No bra straps, strapless tops or stomachs showing will be allowed. Shoes: Mary Jane’s/ flats or closed toe pumps are preferred. No mules, sandals, flip flops or UGS will be accepted. Flats or pumps with a strap on the heel are ok.

Q: Fifth and final event ?

Party attire adhering to the above guidelines. Open toes shoes accepted. Short white gloves are only required for Year One ladies. Cotillion will have short white gloves available for sale at the classes. They are $5.00 a pair – exact change is necessary or a check made out to CGSTL in that amount. White gloves are not expected for the final event.

Q: Gentlemen Class ?

Docker-type pants with collared shirt and tie. Sports coat or suit optional. Dress shoes with dark colored socks – no tennis, exercise, flip flops or Crocs will be accepted.

Q: Fifth and final event ?

Suit or sports coat required. Jeans/denim is not accepted for parents or students in either class location. ?Medical: Please notify us of any food allergies or medical or learning information.

Q: Class Update ?

An e-mail to parents will arrive after each class detailing what was covered in
each class as well as any important information concerning future classes or events. Parents dance: Mothers of sons and fathers of daughters (or other adult relatives, neighbors or friends) are invited to attend the last 45 minutes of our 4th class. We will have a short instruction on the Fox Trot and Swing before memorable dancing with your student. Parent dress code: Coat & tie for Dads. Mothers are to wear dresses or skirts. ?Photo release signature asked: We ask that each parent give us permission to possibly use your student’s photo in a group shot for web-page updates. No names will be attached.


Social skills, manners, and etiquette are the foundation on which all other social abilities will be constructed. At Cotillion of Greater St Louis in St. Louis, Missouri, we hold social skills activities at Westborough Country Club in 631 South Berry Road, St. Louis, Missouri 63122.

Contact us to give your child the proper tools to become an educated and charming person with our social skills activities.